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Lahore, the second-largest city in Pakistan is famous for its historic and cultural heritage and majestic monuments of the Mughal and British colonial era. Lahore reached its golden age during the Mughal Empire when it was for a while the capital and cultural centre of the Empire. Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens are UNESCO World Heritage Sites as outstanding examples of Mughal art and architecture during the 16th and 17th centuries. Other important historic monuments are the Badshahi and Wazir Khan mosques and the tomb of the emperor Jahangir. The vibrant city of Lahore lives big. An old Punjabi adage goes: ‘Anyone who hasn’t seen Lahore simply hasn’t lived.’ It’s the country’s cultural capital, and it’s where Pakistan’s Islamic identity was born. Lahore’s residents—dubbed as ‘zinda dilan-e-Lahore’ or ‘the people whose hearts are alive’—have honed the art of fully enjoying life. The city is also famous for its warm hospitality, mouthwatering cuisine, bustling bazaars and modern shopping malls in all corners of the city.


The Association of Pediatric Societies of the South-East Asian Region (APSSEAR) was established with its mission of improving the health status of children living in the region and in surrounding areas.

It tries to fulfill its mission by establishing linkages amongst pediatricians in the region, providing them with educational programs to enable them to improve the services they provide and, at the same time advocating programs and health care services to provide overall benefit to children.

APSSEAR was formed on April 30,1974, at a meeting held in Manila, Philippines in conjunction with the First Asian Congress of Pediatrics. Membership of the organization would be confined only to National Pediatric Associations and if considered appropriate subspecialty societies of the region.

From an original fifteen member countries in 1974, it has now grown to 23 members.

On October 5th, 1974, APSSEAR sought for and was accepted as an Affiliate member of the International Pediatric Association (IPA).

The name was changed in year 2000 to Asia Pacific Pediatric Association (APPA).

17th Asia Pacific Congress of Pediatrics (APCP-2022) was awarded to Pakistan, a founding member of Association, at its last Congress in Bali Indonesia held in August 2018. The Congress helps in furthering the objectives of association thru deliberations on medical and social issues of the region as well as Foster friendly ties amongst Pediatricians of region. This triennial activity also brings in change of leadership in most democratic manner.


Prof. Dr. Habibullah Babar

President PPA
Co Chair Organising Committee, APCP

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to the 17th Asia Pacific Congress of Pediatrics (APCP) which will be held on 10th to 13th March 2022 as a hybrid “in-person and online” meeting in Lahore, Pakistan. The organization of the meeting is a joint effort between members from the Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA) & Asia Pacific Pediatric Association (APPA).

The ongoing global pandemic has posed challenges and uncertainties all around. In this time of uncertainty, we look forward to transforming the APCP 2022 Triennial Meeting into an opportunity to share the latest developments in the field of pediatrics as well as the impact of COVID-19 on children. We strongly believe that this meeting will facilitate sharing of knowledge and experiences, cutting edge research, promote networking and as a result improve the quality of care for our pediatric patients.

We look forward to your participation and contribution to the APCP 2022 and thank you in advance for your support in making our Meeting successful

Prof. Iqbal A. Memon

Chairman Organising Committee, APCP,
President-Elect, APPA

Covid19 pandemic has impacted us all, reducing our preparation time to just few months. We have taken guidance from APPA leadership that we should go on despite daunting challenges and severe limitations. The dying-second wave of COVID and arrival of vaccines have made us optimistic that the travel and movement restriction shall be lifted, at least partially and we will be able to meet in person at out Triennial Event, APCP, in Pakistan. I hope you will enjoy the warmth of hospitality, the history and nature, all in one at APCP 2022.

However, hybrid arrangement shall be announced, as needed, for all who may not be able to join in person.

Come one and come all.

Please note that at moment, Pakistan has no quarantine requirement. Only a pre-travel COVID PCR Test is required for international arrivals.

Dr. Aman B Pulungan

President, APPA
Elect Executive-Director, IPA

Dear fellow pediatricians,

As President of the Asia Pacific Pediatric Association, It is my great pleasure to invite you all to the 17th Asia Pacific Congress of Pediatrics (APCP) that will be held in Lahore, Pakistan.

This year the theme of the congress is "Every New Born, Every Child, Every Where." which is relatable where the fertility rate is still high even in a pandemic.

In this pandemic era, safety is our main concern. The Pakistan Pediatric Association is doing its best to hold a conference that is safe for everyone that will be participating. For those who cannot attend in person, the Committee shall facilitate conference virtually. Expect expert faculty members from all over the Asia Pacific region to be part of this distinguished conference.

A diverse scientific and tourism program awaits you in Lahore.

Organising Committee

Gohar Rehman

General Secretary, APCP

Khalid Shafi

Secretary General, PPA

M. Ashraf Sultan

Chairman Scientific Committee, &
Member Standing Committee, APPA

Zulkifli Ismail

Secretary General, APPA

Habibullah Babar

Co Chair Organising Committee, APCP

Tufail Muhammad

Treasurer, APCP

Iqbal A. Memon

Chairman Organising Committee


  • Afzal Khan Khattak
  • Agha Shabbir Ali
  • Amin Jan Gandapur
  • Bashir Ahmed Abro
  • Fouzia Zafar
  • Ghulam Rasool Buriro
  • Idris Mazhar
  • Irshad Ahmed
  • Jalal Akbar
  • Jamal Raza
  • Javed Iqbal Sheikh
  • Jai Krishan
  • Masood Sadiq
  • Mumtaz Lakhani
  • Mushtaq A. Memon
  • Nasar A Siddiqui
  • Noor A. Baloch
  • Rai Muhammad Asghar
  • Salma H. Shaikh
  • Shahzad Munir
  • Salman Ali


  • Aman Pulungan
  • Baik-Lin Eun
  • CHAN Chok-Wan
  • Catherine Choong
  • Enver Hasanoglu
  • Errol Alden
  • Mobeen Rathore
  • Naveen Thacker
  • Pin-Ing Lee
  • Santosh T. Soans
  • Takao Takahashi
  • Zulkifli Ismail
  • Zulfiqar Bhutta


  • A. G. Billo
  • Asifa Murtaza
  • Ashfaq Ahmed Khan
  • Abdul Bari
  • Abdul Hameed
  • Amir M. K. Jogezai
  • Bashir A. Kakar
  • D. S. Akram
  • Khurshid Abbasi
  • Muhammad Rafique
  • Sajid Maqbool
  • Salman Ali
  • Tariq Iqbal Bhutta
  • Tahir Masood Ahmad


  • Ashraf Sultan
  • Ejaz A. Khan(Co Chairman)
  • Amin Jan Gandapur
  • Ayesha Arif
  • Binod Bajracharya
  • Daniel Goh
  • Hung Liang Choo
  • Humayun Iqbal Khan
  • Jalal Uddin Akber
  • Lilian Wong
  • Lulu Bravo
  • Melinda Atienza
  • Muhammad Faheem Afzal
  • Muhammad Faheem
  • Mguyen Gia Khanh
  • Masood Sadiq
  • Muhammad Sohail Salat
  • Nadeem Khawar
  • Prof. Khalid N Haq
  • Syed Jamal Raza
  • Sajjad Jan Khan
  • Syed Asad Ali
  • Shinichi Hirose
  • Usa Thisyakorn


  • Asif Kaleem
  • Naeem Zafar
  • Tipu Sultan


  • A G Billo (Advisor)
  • Iqbal Ahmad Azhar
  • Jalal Akbar
  • Jamal Raza(Chairman)
  • Masood Sadiq
  • Mohammad Abbas
  • Sohail Salat
  • Tufail Muhammad
  • Waseem Jamalvi
  • Jamil Akhtar


  • Haroon Hamid
  • Niamat Gill
  • Sajid Mustafa


  • Khawaja M.Arshad
  • Muhammad Mukhtar
  • Shazia Maqbool


  • Ameer Ahmad
  • Aslam Kichi


  • Amir Naseer
  • Tariq Bhatti
  • Waqar Hussain


  • Kaleem Malhi
  • Muhammad Moaz
  • Sohail Abid


  • Ashiq Najam
  • Azam Khan
  • Mazhar Sherazi
  • Muhammad Shahid


  • Humayun Iqbal
  • Junaid Rashid
  • S S Masood-us-Syed
  • Tayba Khawar Butt


  • Muhammad Javed Asghar
  • Rashid Mehmood
  • Tipu Sultan


Zulkiflee Ismail


Zulfiqar Bhutta

Lulu Bravo


Aman Phulangan


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  • International Delegate = USD.250
  • International Delegate Accompanying person with Registration = USD.100
  • Special Rate for SAARC Countries = USD.200
  • For overseas participants attending virtually = USD.50
  • Pakistan Rate for Consultant & General Physician = PKR.15,000
  • Pakistan Rate for PG's = PKR.7,000
  • Skill Building Workshop = PKR.3,000
  • Gala Dinner = PKR.4,000
  • Accompanying person with Gala Dinner = PKR.7,000

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